MDT Audit Advisor FAQ

MyDegree Tracker (MDT) is the University of La Verne’s online degree audit program.  MDT allows you to check your advisees’ completed and outstanding degree requirements at any time.  View your advisees’ current requirements anytime and verify when transfer credit or equivalencies have been processed.  You can save a PDF of a student’s evaluation prior to a meeting for future course planning.

Note: This is not an official evaluation. Contact the University Registrar if you have questions.

To access MyDegree Tracker:

  • From any web page, select the “MyLaVerne” link from the top right navigation.
  • Log into MyPortal using your email address (without the and password.
  • From the QuickLinks menu on the left, click on MyDegree Tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is eligible to use MyDegree Tracker? A. Access to MDT is granted to select staff, academic advisors, and administrators who have a need to access student audits to conduct academic business or to assist students directly as part of their employment responsibilities.
Q. How is access to MDT determined? A. Access to MDT is managed by the University Registrar in cooperation with OIT.  Staff job duties determine access to MDT.  Per FERPA, access to student information is restricted on a need-to-know-basis.
Q. My advisee enrolled at La Verne before Fall 2017 and really wants to move to MDT. Can she? A. Students who first registered in Summer 2017 or earlier will only be able to move to MDT by changing their catalog term to Fall 2017 or later.  Students who are interested in using MDT should first consult with their academic advisor(s) to begin the process.  Changing catalogs may impact major or general education requirements.  Traditional undergraduates who want to change catalogs can do so online.  ROC or CAPA students should change majors in their respective campuses.
Q. What is the difference between MDT and the CAPP (Degree/Program Evaluation) it replaced? A. MDT and CAPP are both degree audit tools that assist students and academic advisors in tracking degree progress.  These degree evaluations differ in functionality and features.
Q. Will the Degree/Program Evaluation (CAPP) go away with the adoption of MDT? A. Yes, eventually.  The University Registrar and OIT are committed to fully supporting CAPP until the students who are actively enrolled and making progress to graduation continue to use it.  The University Registrar is developing policies to handle cases where students who originally pursued CAPP  stopped out, transferred, or withdrew but then decided to return at a later date.  In short, these policies may guide students’ on-boarding to newer catalog years and updated academic requirements and with it access to MDT.
Q. Is MDT the same as an unofficial transcript? A. MDT is unofficial but it is not a transcript. MDT is not an official document nor does it supersede the University Catalog.  Transcripts (official or unofficial) are distinct documents that should be requested from the University Registrar.
Q. What is a “what if” audit? A. “What if” audits allow students to compare their current course history to any major, minor, or program that they choose to declare without making any official changes.  Students may also project how adding or removing concentrations will affect their degree progress.  This tool can be helpful for students who are considering changing majors, but don’t know how their course history will apply to the new requirements.
Q. Can I print a “what if” evaluation for my advisee? A. Yes, you can print MyDegree Tracker’s “what if” evaluation or save it as PDF to print later.  Please note that a PDF copy is a snapshot of fictitious course information for a proposed major at the time of printing.  If any information changes, your PDF or printed copy of your “what if” evaluation is of no value.
Q. I ran a “what if” new major report and would like to add this new major, can I change it in MDT? A. Students can declare majors with their respective advising offices.  Traditional undergraduates can declare a new major online.  ROC and CAPA students can declare majors by contacting their respective advisors or advising offices.  Graduate students may not so easily declare a new masters or doctorate degree since admission decisions are program specific; consult with your program leader.
Q. My advisee registered for a class but I am not seeing it on the audit.  Where is the course? A. Audits will reflect registration changes overnight.  If you still do not see it, please contact the University Registrar.
Q. I submitted a substitution form but it is not showing on MDT.  Who can help me with this? A. The Evaluations Office in the Office of the Registrar, receives and processes substitutions within a week of receipt.  Changes to the degree audit will not automatically show on MDT.  Please allow one business week before checking with the Evaluations Office about the status of the substitution.
Q. I submitted transfer work but it still doesn’t show on MyDegree Tracker. Who can help me with this? A. The Office of the Registrar receives and processes transcripts within a week of receipt.  Accepted transfer work will not automatically show on MDT.  Please allow one business week before checking with your academic advisor or the Registrar about the status of transfer work.
Q. An instructor submitted a grade change for an advisee but I do not see the new grade on MDT.  Who can help me with this? A. The Office of the Registrar receives undergraduate grade change forms and Graduate Academic Services receives graduate grade change forms.  Students will be notified via an email workflow when their grade change has been processed.  MDT automatically updates every night and any changes to the degree audit will not immediately show on MDT.  Please allow one business week to lapse before checking with the instructor, the University Registrar, or Graduate Academic Services about the grade change.
Q. I think MDT is wrong, who can help me with this error? A. If you believe there is an error on MDT, consult with the University Registrar.  If there is no error, you can help your advisee by explaining a policy.
Q. What are the purpose of the [Degree Progress] bars that show “Requirements” and “Semester Hours”? The progress bars  can be helpful to students and advisors as a quick glance but will not show completion (100%) until all in progress coursework have final grades.  Thus, focus more on the detailed requirements to ensure you have completed specific requirements.