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Grades FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Once the Semester or Session has officially ended, instructors have 10 days to submit grades online.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar


It takes approximately two weeks from that point for students to view their grade report via MyLaVerne, as the Registrar’s Office must verify GPA and Academic Standing for all students before “rolling” grades into the official academic history.


Please visit MyLaVerne Portal page for steps to view your grades.


NG stands for no grade. This likely means that your instructor has not submitted grades for your class. Once the online grading has closed, the instructor must submit a grade change form to the office of the Registrar in order to update a student’s record. Please contact your instructor to submit a grade change form.


University of La Verne is on a “Four-Point System” of grading that includes both plus (+) and minus (-) grades. Grades are evaluated in terms of grade points as displayed below:

A 4.0 grade points
A- 3.7 grade points
B+ 3.3 grade points
B 3.0 grade points
B- 2.7 grade points
C+ 2.3 grade points
C 2.0 grade points
C- 1.7 grade points
D+ 1.3 grade points
D 1.0 grade points
F 0.0 grade points

Grades that are not included in the calculation of your grade point average include: CRD/NCR; WNC; INC; IP; NG; and W.

How to Calculate Your GPA

  1. For each course completed, multiply the grade points defined for the grade (A=4, etc.) by the credit hours of the course.
  2. Add all of the Total Grade Points.
  3. Add all of the GPA Hours.
  4. Divide the sum of the Grade Points by the GPA Hours.

Four different GPAs will appear on your La Verne official transcript. They are:

  • Term GPA: This is the grade point average of your grades from a single semester. You should have a separate term GPA displayed at the end of each term.
  • Total Institution GPA: This is the cumulative grade point average for all coursework completed at La Verne. You will have separate Institution GPAs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level work.
  • Total Transfer GPA: This is the cumulative grade point average for all coursework completed outside of La Verne. Each term of transfer work will have a separate Term GPA, and you will have separate Transfer GPAs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level work.
  • Overall GPA: This is the combined cumulative total of all Institution and Transfer coursework.  You will have separate Overall GPAs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level work.

My Degree Tracker takes longer to update. It is always best to view your unofficial transcript. Your unofficial transcript updates in real time. Anything on your unofficial will be on your official.