How do I obtain a transcript? Transcripts can be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse (via MyLaVerne), in-person, or by mail.  Students who attended prior to 1995 are able to order their transcripts online. Please contact our office at or (909) 448-4001 for more information.  You may also order your transcript via mail by using our Transcript Request Form. Please be advised that processing times will take longer if you order by mail than transcripts ordered online.
Can I order a transcript online? You can now order transcripts online through MyLaVerne.  You will need to know your student ID number and pin to log into the student system.  If you do not know your student ID number, please use the Request for Student ID number form and fax this into our office. You can also call us at (909) 448-4001. Please be prepared to answer a series of questions to verify your identity.
What is the fastest way for me to obtain my transcript?


The fastest way to obtain a transcript is to request your transcript via National Student Clearinghouse. The link can be found in MyLaVerne, under the Student Records menu. Regular rush transcripts ordered through the Clearinghouse are processed within 2 business days and cost $20 per copy. These transcripts are sent out regular 1st class US mail. We do offer UPS/Express Mail options for $45. You can find more information on this option here.
I’m ordering multiple official transcripts to be sent directly to me, will they all be individually sealed? Yes.  If you order multiple official copies to be sent to you directly, each transcript will be individually sealed in an official envelope.  If you have both undergraduate and graduate records, each complete set will be individually sealed.
What if I don’t remember my student ID number? If you do not remember you student identification number while attending the university, leave that portion of the form blank.  Please complete all other portions of the request form to the best of your knowledge.

You may request your student ID number be sent to you by submitting to the Registrar’s Office the Request for Student ID Number form.