Does My Application Qualify as Exempt?

According to recent data, most graduate student and faculty/staff/administrator applications at La Verne qualify for an exempt review. An exempt review does not have an expiration date (no continuing review) and researchers can use an information sheet in lieu of an informed consent. Applicants are encouraged to review this website prior to submitting their application materials.

For the New Regulations Effective January 21, 2019 for Non-Federally Funded Research:

Until decision charts are available, please use our policy on exemptions or the Review Type Determination page in IRBManager to determine under which exemption your research qualifies.

If you qualify for an exemption, an informed consent is not required. Instead, an information sheet is required.

For more information on what is required in an information sheet, see Informed Consent Form or Information Sheet Specific to Your Application and Consent, Assent, and Information Sheet Templates.