Human Subjects Training – Required

A human subjects training certificate must be on file for all individuals conducting human subjects research (see La Verne IRB Human Subjects Training), including Mentors/Advisors/Chairs (see the Mentors/Advisors/Chair webpage). Human subjects training applies only to human subjects research. Training needed for other types of research can be identified by contacting the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

If you are a La Verne IRB applicant, you will need to complete the Human Subjects Research training specific to your type of research (either biomedical or social and behavioral). You ONLY have to complete the basics training (or refresher if the basics was completed in the past and has expired). See the screen shot below for which trainings to choose and the Procedures section below for how to access them.

You do not have to complete trainings in one sitting; instead you can save and go back to them at any time. 


  1. To get started, go to the La Verne portal. Then click on CITI:


2. Next, if you have never used CITI select “I don’t have a CITI Program account and I need to create one” (if you have an account, skip to step 8):

3. Click “Create a new CITI Program Account”:


4. Click “Add a Course”:



5. Select your position in the university and click “Next”:

6.Select the type of training appropriate for your RESEARCH PROJECT (this may differ from your area of expertise):

7. Your screen should appear similar to the screenshot below. To begin the course, click on the name of the course (which should have “IRB Applicant” in the title. If it does not, the wrong training has been selected) and follow the onscreen instructions.

8. For individuals who already have a CITI account, click “I already have a CITI Program account.”

9. Enter your Username and Password. Then, click Log in.

11. Complete steps 4-7 as appropriate.

CITI communicates with IRBManager so there is no need to provide your certificate to the IRB. Certificates will populate into IRBManager overnight. However, it is recommended you print or save an electronic copy for your records.