IRB Members

Members of the La Verne IRB conduct peer reviews for international academic journals and consult on ethical considerations and IRB Administration. If you are in need of a consultation or review, please contact the IRB Chair.

IRB Chair

  • Chair: Lu (Sunny) Liu, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership,
  • Past Chair/Director: MD Haque, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership,

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Lead:  Dinko Kranjac, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Heidy Contreras, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology

College of Business

  • Lead: Christine Jagannathan, Ed.D. Candidate, Professor of Practice of Business Communications
  • Teresa Martinelli, DPA, Professor of Practice of Management and Leadership

LaFetra College of Education

  • Lead: Kathrine (Kathy) Elderson, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Education

College of Law and Public Service

  • Lead:  Paul Naccachian, Ph.D., Professor of Law

Staff/Administrative Representatives

  • MD Haque, Ed.D., Associate Dean

Community Members

  • Lead: Sarah Dunn, Associate Professor, California State University at San Bernardino


Voting Membership

Seven members:  IRB Chair, 4 Leads (CAS, COB, LFCE, and CLPS), 1 Staff/Administrative, and 1 Community. Other members serve as alternates and may substitute if a Lead is unable to attend. Membership terms are three years, following the fiscal year calendar (July 1 – June 30). Members are eligible for reappointment.

* Indicates this is an observational member, who does not regularly review applications.