IRB Monthly Committee Meetings and Operation Schedule

The La Verne IRB observes all university holidays and is not in operation, expected to review applications during those times, or respond to emails. Moreover, the La Verne IRB goes dark with the university at the end of December – early January.

The IRB meets on the second Friday of the month to review standard review applications. Meetings are scheduled for the following months:

  • February – May
  • September – December

For the remaining months the IRB is on call for meetings, which will be scheduled upon the submission of a standard review application. Please submit your standard review application in IRBManager at least 2 weeks prior to a scheduled committee meeting. Submissions received with less than 2 weeks prior to a scheduled meeting will be reviewed at the meeting scheduled the month after the month in which the application is received. For months where a meeting is not pre-scheduled, the meeting will be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks after the initial receipt of a standard review application.

Pre-reviews, Exempt Reviews, Expedited Reviews, and Application Help

The IRB Administration Office is open and provides full support year round. Therefore, pre-reviews, exempt and expedited application reviews, and application preparation help is available and proceeds at a similar pace as the semester. Please consult our office hours to view when they are held during the summer and prior to dropping by as they are subject to change on a semester-by-semester basis.