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Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is an institutional committee created to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects. The committee is responsible for reviewing research designs (protocols) involving human subjects.  The most common types of research reviewed by the IRB include:

  • Doctoral dissertations and master’s theses: For dissertations, applications are submitted to the IRB with faculty Chair approval at the time of proposal review (Form 2). Masters theses are submitted similarly and timing is based on program.
  • Faculty research involving human subjects, including but not limited to surveys, interviews, focus groups, and experimental research.
  • Grant-funded research that includes requirements for IRB approval of components that relate to human subjects.
  • Classroom projects, undergraduate senior theses, and capstone projects usually are reviewed by instructors/advisors/mentors only (refer to the Instructor Guidance Document and website regarding type of research that can be approved by instructors/advisors/mentors). Some projects may be subject to IRB review, depending on use in academic research. Please check with your instructor/advisor/mentor about the review process.
  • Institutional research, program reviews, and curriculum evaluations usually are not reviewed by the IRB unless the results will be used in academic research or IRB review is required by a sponsor or grant.


The IRB will have limited service due to staff shortages between August 1st – 6th. As a result, applications may be delayed. We will get to your emails and applications as soon as possible. Thank you.