Roles and Responsibilities

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects of research conducted at or sponsored by the University of La Verne (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45, Health and Human Services; Part 46, Protection of Human Subjects, §46.103). The IRB is a university committee that performs ethical review of proposed research involving human subjects and monitors continuing research. The IRB is also responsible for providing training on the protection of human subjects in research.

IRB policies apply to all faculty, all staff, all administrators, and all students who are conducting or supervising research involving human participants, regardless of whether the participants are members of the La Verne community. Heads of units such as department or program chairs, and deans are responsible to bring this policy to the attention of their faculty, staff and students (IRB Policies and Procedures). The implementation of the policies for the protection of human participants in research is shared by the Colleges and the Office of the Provost (IRB Policies and Procedures).

The IRB consists of members from each College, a staff member, a community member, and a chair; recommendations for membership are considered by the Office of the Provost. External review, external consultation and/or special expertise may be added for particular types of applications. For example, federal regulations include provisions regarding review of vulnerable populations (such as prisoners and pregnant women) and research involving more than minimal risk. The Board is required, by federal regulation, to have gender and ethnic diversity and include at least one non-scientist.

Source:  IRB 2013-2020 Strategic Plan