Vision, Mission, and Values


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) will serve the campus community as a resource for the ethical conduct of research and will promote research scholarship at the University of La Verne.


The University of La Verne believes in the value of research involving human participants, and accepts an ethical responsibility for safeguarding their rights and welfare with due consideration to ethnic and cultural issues (IRB Policies and Procedures, first adopted 2003).


The Institutional Review Board values:

Ethical Reasoning

  • Ethical conduct of research
  • The ethical principles contained in the 1979 Belmont Report (respect for persons, beneficence, and justice)
  • Timely and thorough review of applications

Diversity and Inclusivity 

  • Supporting protection of vulnerable populations
  • Minimizing risk for research participants
  • Supporting diversity of opinions and perspectives in the review process

Lifelong Learning

  • Serving as a facilitator and resource to researchers
  • Providing initial IRB training that lays a foundation for future research
  • Providing ongoing and refresher training to meet changing research needs

Community and Civic Engagement

  • Valuing the role of the community member(s) on the IRB
  • Supporting professional organizations in their efforts to develop research guidelines
  • Valuing different types of research, including experiential and action-based research
  • Supporting research that promotes civic engagement and local, regional and global communities

Source:  IRB 2013-2020 Strategic Plan