How do I register through La Verne Portal?

  • Log in to MyLaVerne

First time users should follow the instructions: “How to Log in to La Verne Portal”.

  • Begin Registration

After logging in to La Verne Portal, click on the “Student Services and Financial Aid” icon. From the “Student Services” menu, click on “Registration.” The system will take you to the “Registration” menu.

  • Select the semester or term you would like to register for

From the “Registration” menu, click “Select Term”. Use the pull-down menu to select the term in which you wish to register. Click “Submit.”. If you are unsure about which course(s) you need, contact your Academic Advisor.

  • Payment agreement and Promissory note

To begin the Web Registration process, you are required to have the Payment Agreement and Promissory Note on file with the University. If you do not already have the Payment Agreement and Promissory Note on file, log in to La Verne Portal. Click on the “Student Services and Financial Aid” icon. Click on “Registration”, click on Payment Agreement and Promissory Note. Read the Promissory Note completely. Fill out the required information and electronically submit the promissory note.

  • Add classes by CRN

From the Registration Menu, click on “Register/Add/Drop Classes.” If you have already decided on specific classes, simply enter each CRN number in the white boxes under the “Add Classes” heading. When you have entered the CRNs for all the classes, click the “Submit Changes” button.

  • Dropping a Course

From the “Add/Drop Classes” page, use the pull-down menu under the “Action” column to select “Drop” for your selected course(s). After you have selected “Drop,” scroll down and click “Submit Changes.” When the page is re-displayed, your “Current Schedule” will no longer include the dropped course.

  • View Current Schedules (Registered Schedule)

After clicking the “Submit Changes” button, the system will automatically return you to the “Register/Add/Drop Classes” page where you will see all of the classes for which you successfully registered listed under “Current Schedule.” If you have successfully registered in all of the courses you requested, click on “Term Balance”.

  • Confirmation and Payment of Courses (Term Balance)

In order to confirm your courses, it is necessary to make financial arrangements. To view your account balance for the term in which you have registered, click on “Term Balance.” This screen displays the tuition and fees charged as a result of your registration. From this page you can choose your payment options.

Students must complete their financial arrangements one week prior to the first day of the term. If financial arrangements are not made by the first day of classes, you will be assessed a late financial arrangement fee of $100. Students who have not made financial arrangements after 30 days from one week prior to the term will be assessed an additional $200. Financial arrangements include payment in full or enrollment in a payment plan.

  • Exiting MyLaVerne

To log out of the system, scroll up and click on the “Exit” button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • Textbooks

When registering for courses, you will receive a registration confirmation. At the bottom of the confirmation will be a link: “Click here to purchase books online”: that takes you to the list of books assigned for your registered courses and allows you to purchase them with a credit card.

If you do not purchase your books at that time, you may purchase them at a later date through the “Student Services and Financial Aid” page by visiting your MyLaVerne account. The link for the bookstore will be the last item listed.

If paying by check, you will need to call the University Bookstore at 1-800-444-4858. Be sure to have your CRN and the location of the course when you talk with them.

I lost my advisor approval code (traditional undergraduates only), what should I do?

If you have previously registered for classes, you will have access to your advisor pin via MyLaVerne. Go to “Student Services and Financial Aid,” then select “Student Record” and “View Pin.”

If you have not previously registered and have either lost or have not received your pin, you will need to contact your advisor.

The system won’t let me register for the classes I want. What do Registration Errors mean and what should I do?

If you were unable to register for certain classes, those classes will be listed under the Registration Errors section. You will find the status for each course with an explanation for why you could not register in the course.  In some cases you will need special approval to register for a course. In these cases an override will need to be entered by the appropriate person. Once this override is entered, you can go back online and complete your registration in the course.

Here are some common Registration Errors:

  • Pre-requisite/Test Score: You have selected a course for which you have not completed the required prerequisites, or have not placed at the level of the course. Override from the professor, department chair, or regional campus academic advisor is needed to eliminate this error.
  • Co-requisite: The course you have selected requires you register for another course at the same time.
  • Degree restriction: You have selected a course not open to students in your degree program (for example, an MBA student trying to register for an MHA course). You will need a Degree Override from the department chair or regional campus academic advisor in order to eliminate this error.
  • Level Restriction: You have selected a course that is not open for registration at your level (for example, an undergraduate student attempting to register for a master’s level course).
  • Campus Restriction: You have selected a class offered at a campus where you are not eligible to take courses.
  • Time Conflict: A class you selected conflicts with the time of another class for which you are registered. In order obtain an override you will need written consent from both instructors indicating they are aware of the time conflict.  The written consent needs to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office so that they may input the override.
  • Repeat: You have selected a course that you have previously taken. You will need to contact the Office of the Registrar or your regional campus academic advisor for an override.
  • Class Standing: This error indicates the course you are trying to register has been designated for a particular class level (for example, Freshmen only, Seniors only, etc…)
  • Exceeded Maximum Hours: You have reached the maximum units allowed to take within a semester or term. In order to eliminate this error, traditional undergraduate students need to appeal for more units with academic undergraduate appeal committee. ROC and CAPA undergraduate students are required to contact their academic advisor. Graduate students are required to seek permission from the department chair or their regional campus academic advisor.
  • Closed/Capacity: The class you have selected is at its maximum enrollment. You will need instructor approval to register for a closed course on the main campus. The instructor is responsible for inputting the override, and you must register after the override has been entered (instructor override does not automatically enroll you in the class). ROC students are required to contact their academic advisor for assistance.