Classrooms: Assignment Information

Classroom Assignments

All lectures and seminars with at least 7 registered students will be assigned to classroom spaces through an automated room scheduling process using 25Live. The room assignment process is completed approximately three weeks prior to the start of the term. 25Live uses the capacity of each available classroom space and the number of registered students in each class to determine which classes are assigned to which spaces.

Classroom usage and availability can be viewed through 25Live.

Classroom Requests

The University of La Verne has a limited number of classrooms spaces on the Main Campus when compared to the number of classes offered. It is the Registrar’s Office goal to assign each class with a place to meet so classroom requests will only be considered in specific circumstances:

  • Medical accommodations
  • Registered Headcount exceeds the Maximum Capacity of the assigned space
  • Room repairs or renovations
  • Course cancellation

Requests are subject to space availability and need to be made at least two weeks before the start of the term.

Classes with no regular meeting times–such as independent and directed studies–will not be assigned a classroom space.  Classes with fewer than 7 registered students will not be assigned a classroom space. Instructors who would like to schedule meeting times outside of the regular class meetings as defined in the official Schedule of Classes, or are meeting with students for independent and directed studies, should contact the Events office for a reservation.

For courses that require a dedicated space or computer lab, or can demonstrate a pedagogical necessity, the requested building and room number must be identified on the schedule worksheet at the time of submission.